Considering the amount of distance and range in miniature golf, there’s a common agreement that specific clubs should be used for different courses. From the most frequent, we have the mini golf putter, wedges, hybrids, irons and woods. For newcomers in the game of golf, it is worth noting that in addition to designation, these clubs have their different sizes. So, learning how to choose the right gear before play is highly essential.

This article will put you on track on the types of golf clubs available, their basic uses and importance. Read along to get all the information you’ll need.


Despite the fact that their club heads are no longer made of wood, there’s a category of clubs still referred to as woods. Today, the majority of them are made of steel or titanium.

Woods have the biggest club heads and come with drivers and fairway all in one. They are lightweight and simple to swing around because they are hollow and have long shafts. They enable a golfer to strike the ball as hard as possible and are designed to make long shots too.


Irons are typically used for lengths between 179-182 meters and are made of metal. They come in a different category of 9 sizes and have more loft than woods. Long irons, which come in sizes 1-3, are the hardest to learn. They can hit balls far distances and have lesser lofts. Middle irons are sizes 4-6, while short irons are between sizes 7-9.

Irons have faces with grooves and slender clubheads. Their clubheads are significantly thinner and smaller than those of woods. They are often sturdy as well, though you would be lucky to come across few hallowed sets.


The hybrid clubs are rare products of an iron and wood clubhead mix. Hence birthing the name, ‘Hybrid’. They are also commonly referred to as rescue or utility clubs. Posing as the latest addition to the golf clubs category, they became frequently used amongst 21st century golfers.

Hybrids were made to be better replacements for irons, and also a best choice option for beginners. The design facilitates hitting the ball and gives you extra edge to direction in cases where a player fails to hit the ball straight. Lastly, they come with specific numbering system which defines the kind of iron club replaced.


The golf clubs with the highest loft are the wedges. They are a composition of irons that enable precise, close-range shots. To swing a ball straight to the area of putting, wedges are typical utilization tools. They come in 4 different varieties: the pitching wedge, gap wedge, lob wedge, and the sand wedge. As a striking advantage over other clubheads, their high lofts are second to none.


In miniature golf, whenever we mention putters, we refer directly to a mini golf putter. The putter is the most frequently used club in a golfer’s bag, so choosing the best is the easiest way to get your golfing adventure started right away.

They are used on the green for very grounded shots since they have minimal loft. Their usefulness applies to close range shots too, although it’s vital to be careful with force exerted on the ball.


Pushing the ball into the hole is the primary role of a mini golf putter, but every other club in the bag contributes to the final result. Ensure to pick the right equipment for your game and understand their uses. Always gauge your distance, read the range, then strike accurately.

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